How Podcasting Works

Podcasting was developed in 2004 by former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer. Curry wrote a program, called iPodder,that enabled him to automatically download Internet radio broadcasts to his iPod. Several developers improved upon his idea, and podcasting was officially born. Curry now hosts a show called The Daily Source Code[1], one of the most popular...

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VIDEOCAST | Definition of VIDEOCAST by Oxford Dictionary on also meaning of VIDEOCAST

What is the definition of VIDEOCAST? What is the meaning of VIDEOCAST? How do you use VIDEOCAST in a sentence? What are synonyms for VIDEOCAST? Definition of videocast in English: videocast Pronunciation /ˈvidiōˌkast/ /ˈvɪdɪoʊˌkæst/ Translate videocast into Spanish noun A podcast with video content. ‘our site has loads of extra features, from photo galleries to videocasts’ ‘With South to Antarctica,...

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Contify in the News

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videocast meaning and definition

videocast meaning, definition of videocast, videocast in english. videocast meaning and definition Verb Frequency: third-person singular simple present videocasts , present participle videocasting , simple past and past participle videocast To vodcast . Noun Frequency: plural videocasts A vodcast . Sudoku 1 2 3 4 x Play Sudoku 9×9! Hangman English German _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...

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