dominKnow Launches Live Video/Podcast

dominKnow[1], a powerful eLearning authoring tool and LCMS software provider are pleased to announce the launch of Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (IDIODC), a weekly live videocast and podcast. dominKnow began IDIODC to assist Instructional Designers (IDs) with the many challenges they’re facing in an evolving L&D landscape driven by technology.


(Other than a knock-off of the popular Jerry Seinfeld series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” only without the nice cars and the comedy—although things can get comical!)

IDIODC is a weekly videocast focused on the many challenges IDs face daily in the Learning and Development world. The goal is to help our peers create better content and better user experiences.

Even with a serious purpose, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact, we kind of like that the series acronym sounds like “idiotic”, when you sound it out :)

Meet The Hosts

IDIODC is hosted by dominKnow’s Community Manager, Brent Schlenker, and SVP Learning, Chris Van Wingerden.

Brent brings over 20 years of experience in the L&D industry, having built and rebuilt training organizations, and developed innovative technology-based learning solutions across all departments within small, medium, and large organizations.

Chris has worked in the eLearning industry for more than 15 years, helping client teams solve all kinds of training and development challenges. Chris has a deep background in learning and Instructional Design, and is always looking for ways to ensure any technologies used in training and development serve the critical purposes of learning, for both the organization and its employees.

How To Access IDIODC

IDIODC episodes are approximately 30 minutes in duration and are available to watch as a live weekly videocast, recorded episodes, and as a podcast. Designed to educate and entertain IDIODC’s growing audience, IDIODC currently features eleven episodes.

Find upcoming live videocasts and previously recorded episodes on Crowdcast[2]

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