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A podcast with video content.

‘our site has loads of extra features, from photo galleries to videocasts’

‘With South to Antarctica, the Christchurch Symphony became the first orchestra to relay a live videocast direct to Antarctica.’

‘Each week, he produces a videocast for Mac users.’

‘Bramson says each three- to four-minute streaming videocast costs about 15 cents at a broadband transmission rate of 350 kilobytes per second.’

‘They are available not only to NIH researchers, but are transmitted by satellite or web videocast to remote locations.’

‘The archived videocast of the conference sessions will be available shortly.’

‘I can’t tell from his wikipedia entry whether or not he has a blog, a podcast or videocast.’

‘In a recent public relations videocast, he proudly quoted advice from her that he said he will never forget.’

‘The advice is given in a three-part videocast.’

‘But its preprocessing allows the same videocast to move at 160 kps, cutting the cost to 7 or 8 cents.’

‘After that, we will be doing a live videocast over the web, which should be fun!’

‘Hey all y’all: Just finished the first videocast and it was fun!’

‘A videocast from the courtroom showed him taking his seat in the dock, without any lawyers, facing a large team of prosecutors and a panel of four red-robed judges on the bench.’

‘I totally intended to watch the videocast of the keynote.’

‘Combination with other media assets (Podcasts, videocast, news and blogs feeds, company feeds, etc.) can then be envisaged as well.’

‘I notice you didn’t even introduce the problems of podcasts (or future videocasts) to the problem.’

‘Blogs, wikis, podcasts, videocasts, and open source software are just a few of the emerging technologies prompting discussions about social networking, censorship, misinformation, plagiarism, and the role of technology in our schools.’

‘As long as you’ve got a computer, and if you’re reading this I imagine you do, you can subscribe to and watch videocasts, just like you never needed an iPod for podcasts either.’

‘The new version includes support for podcasts, photocasts, documentcasts, and videocasts.’

‘Videocasts are even easier, you just subscribe to them and when there’s a new one, it’s automatically downloaded and transferred.’

‘What I’d like to get hold of at the moment are video podcasts, or videocasts, or whatever you want to call them, except vodcasts because that’s clearly just stupid.’


, show, production, presentation, performance

transitive verb



with object


Make available as a videocast.

‘the ceremonies were videocast live on the internet’

‘YML is videocast each Wednesday night from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM Pacific Time or from 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time.’

‘The event is free and open to the public and will be videocast live at’

‘The ceremonies were videocast live on the Internet, and broadcast nationwide on radio.’

‘You’ll need a free ticket to get in to the Christmas Eve services, but his message also will be ‘videocast’ at three satellite congregations.’

‘Note: I just had confirmation from the publicist that the concert will indeed be videocast live on the internet!’


, relay, air, beam, put out, send out, put on the air, put on the airwaves, show, screen, televise, telecast, videocast, podcast, live-stream

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